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Sedu Hairstyles How To

 Protect Your Hair

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Don't ever use the Sedu flat iron on wet hair. Even if your hair is a little damp because you can cause damage to your hair and the treatment will not be effective. Your hair could get scorched and have permanent damage.

 Make sure your hair is clean prior to using the Sedu flat iron. You should use a shampoo and a conditioner suitable to your hair formation. Then, the best thing will be applying a leave in conditioning spray for the hair which will protect the hair for an extended period of time.

 Control the heat of the iron wisely as overv heating your hair may cause damage. Use the paper tip before applying the Sedu flat iron on your hair, take a small paper misted with water and put it in between the flat iron plates. If the paper gets dry but not scorched, then the heat is properly set.

 Size matters and usually smaller is better. If you are an average woman who doesn't have very long hair, you should use a Sedu flat iron with the size of up to 2 inches. Wider flat irons are available but are heavier and less efficient for the average person.

 Work with small hair sections. That way, all hair will be straightened evenly and there will be less heat transactions over your hair.

Before you Sedu

To get the best sedu hairstyles try these tips when blow drying your hair before you use the Sedu hair straightener.

 Use a round brush made of boar bristle. It really helps pulling the curl out of your hair!

 To prevent the "frizzies" use a small amount of hair serum. Apply the serum to damp hair or towel dried hair.

 It really helps to use a towel to dry your hair before using the dryer. Don't get it too dry because then it's harder to get out the curl.

 Using a flat paddle brush while blow drying your hair straight saves time and also makes your hair straighter.

 Move the brush and the blow dryer vertically, directing airflow down the hair shaft. This will also create shine as you close the cuticle.

 After you blow dry with heat, go over your hair with cold air from the dryer. It makes hair shiny and smooth's out kinks.

 Only use the sedu hair iron on clean hair. Grease or dirt left in the hair will be cooked by the heat of the hair iron and will cause damage.

Sedu How To's

So you just purchased your sedu flat iron, but aren't really sure where to start, no problem. Read the instructions that came with your sedu flat iron first and then follow these sedu beauty tips to create 3 of the most popular sedu hairstyles: Sedu Hairstyles

How to Tip 1 - Casual and Sleek

Jennifer Aniston made this sedu hairstyle a smash when she was on Friends and is probably the most well know celebrity associated with sedu hairstyles.

 Start with a conditioning shampoo. Towel dry flat and add a leave-in conditioner. This will help flatten your hair down and make it soft. Remember to keep the conditioner in for at least 2 minutes. This prevents drying or damaging your hair.

 Add hair serum and an equal amount of hair gel to your hair to make it sleek and shine. This will get rid of frizziness and keeps your hair looking silky.

 Blow dry your hair using a round brush, making sure you point the nozzle of the drier down the hair shaft.

Once hair is dry and as straight as you can get it use the Sedu Flat Iron by inserting 2 inch section of hair between the plates gliding down your hair from root to tip.

 This is the key part of the style. Use a shine spray product: Spray it on a section of your hair, then flat-iron it but don't brush it afterward. Enjoy your Jennifer Aniston Sedu hairstyle!

 Sedu Hairstyles How to Tip 2 - Chic

 Wash hair with a conditioning shampoo and towel dry flat and use your leave in conditioner.

 Separate your hair into 2" sections and blow dry with a round brush, starting near the back and working around to the front on both sides. Blow dry hair in half-inch pieces.

 To create extra volume, hold brush in the hair near the scalp for 4-6 seconds and then move the brush down and through to the ends of the hair.

 To create a super straight finish, use the Sedu Flat Iron to touch up any areas that require a smoother texture.

 Spray lightly with the hair spray. Finish with a shine serum. Apply to the palms of your hands and lightly brush across the surface of your hair.

 Sedu Hairstyles How To Tip 3 - The Updo Bun

Jessica Simpson Jennifer Lopez use this sedu hairstyle a lot.

 Follow the steps of the "casual and chic" how to until your hair is nice and straight.

 Apply a firm hold hair gel to the top and sides as you brush back into a tight ponytail. Once firmly in place, spray front sides and back with firm hold hair spray.

 Take a two inch strip of hair from the underside of the ponytail and wrap it around the band holding your ponytail in place. After securing with pins, back comb the remaining hair.

 Now take the sections of back combed hair and wrap it around your index finger. This will create a barrel curl. Hold curl and then pin in place with bobby pins. Continue this until all hair is rolled and pinned. Finish with hold hair spray.