There are plenty of reasons as to why a girl turn to escorting to make a living. Each of which are due to her personal circumstances or simply her as a person. Either way, you will find these girls need their job and take it extremely seriously. All working in the industry off their own accord and genuinely wanting to offer you their services. It is just that the reasons behind wanting to may differ from girl to girl and sometimes, will effect on the kind of bedroom services, they offer to you as well. Not in a bad way, but simply gives the industry and the girls versatility and the ability to bring something different to the table. 

A lot of girls turn to escorting because they have such a high sex drive, that not one single man can keep up with them. Therefore, becoming an escort solves this problem because they are will multiple client’s day in and day out, who want the same thing they do – Some action-packed erotic fun and games under the sheets. These are the type of girls who will usually offer a GFE, PSE or a full-service experience to a client. They are the more open minded of the girls who turn to escorting, for sure, as they have a more ‘typical male’ outlook on sex. It is for their pleasure and they enjoy it as much as they do. 

However, other girls will get into financial difficulty and have no way of paying bills, credit cards or anything of the sort. So, they turn to escorting to make ends meet. To them it is just a paycheck. These are the kind of girls who are slightly classier, normally making it as high class escorts, as they put more emphasis on the dating aspect of escorting. They are sociable, normally well-educated and offer a girlfriend experience too.