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Hilary Duff Sedu Hair Style

Hilary Duff Sedu Hair Style

Hilary Duff was born September 28 1987. She is American actress and singer. Her father is a owner of a chain of convenience stores. her starring role on the television show Lizzie McGuire, she went on to have a film career, and her most commercially successful pictures include Cheaper by the Dozen in 2003 and A Cinderella Story in2004. Duff has also expanded her repertoire into pop music, with four studio albums, including one scheduled for release in 2006.

She is not only a best actress and singer, but she also has a gorgeous hair. Hilary Duff's signature hair style is long and blonde with a heavy fringe.

Her hair color is natural brown. Hilary Duff's heavy fringe is a great look for her face shape as well as looking beautiful. Young teenage girls like to have Hilary Duff hair styles. The hairstyles are generally done in long layers. Starting usually at the earlobe and proceeding down to the end. For most part, the hair color is of golden combination.

To apply styling one should follow these steps. They are,

  •  Pull all the hair up from ear level and also from above and clip on to the crown of the head.
  •  Blow dry hair layer by layer, straight under and then turn under at the ends and then go bangs and blow them in the same way.
  •  Remove the clipped hair from the crown of the head.
  •  Apply a gel or mousse, start blow dry again, in an outward and upward motion using a round brush. This gives hair a better movement.
  •  When completely dried, spray using a styling mist or some kind of hair spray.

Recently Hilary has gone back to her original brown hair, and she looks amazing with it. She has also been styling it with some really big waves.