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» Sedu Hairstyles Under Fire: What’s the real score?
Lies have a sinister way on people: they are believed faster than the truth.
Sedu hairstyles were not spared as the rumor mills kept on churning the “latest myths” and “half-way truths” about Sedu, according to its endorsers. Since the day Jennifer Aniston sported her now famous hairdo, the first time on “Friends,” years ago, Sedu acquired its own “star-status”, which in Hollywood parlance, meant intrigues.

Times have changed, “Friends” gone, Jennifer has moved on from Brad to her latest beau but not the myths told about Sedu. Could there be a grain of truth to all the rumors?
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» Get a Sedu: Your Hair’s Crowning Glory
As the old adage goes, a woman's crowing glory is her hair. The truth is, it depends upon the hair. When she sports a Sedu, then it might well be true.

The Sedu hair approach in providing stunning women like Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Alba with remarkably straight hair has elicited admiration for these two women. It did not take long and every famous actress in Hollywood was sporting a Sedu. Sedu hairstyles blend nicely with different colors and lengths of hair; every woman finds one Sedu hairstyle especially for her.
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